General publications »

The Institute and its president Franck Goddio take an active part in the presentation of excavations results and in the diissemination of research to a wider public through the publication of books and specialist articles.

The Institute also takes part in documentaries and television programmes, making available videos and images which document the research as the excavations progress. Bibliograpy »

Scientific publications »

From 1986, a series of scientific works have been produced with different publishing houses.

Since its foundation in 2003, the Oxford Cen­tre for Maritime Archaeology (OCMA [link »]) has been in charge of the scientific publica­tions of the IEASM missions as well as studies on the excavations’ objects conducted by PhD candidates and researchers from Oxford University and other academic institutions.

These publications form part of the monographs series of the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford. All titles are subject to an internal review process by members of the School of arcaeology, the Oriental Institute and the Asmolean Museum. Each title is also peer reviewed by relevant experts from outside institutions.Bibliography »

The monographs are distributed by David world-wide, by asemate Academic Oxbow Books and can be ordered from their website: [link »]

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